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Why are we our own worst enemy?

We all make decisions that we know aren’t in our best interest.

Any of these sound familiar?

“I was sure I was going to kickboxing class today. I promised myself I would do it. But right now, I’m too pooped. I’ll go next week; it’ll be better when I have more energy.”

“I shouldn’t stay at this party any later. I still have deadlines to meet tomorrow at nine. But who am I kidding? I’m having too much fun to leave. Whatever, I’ll turn in my report late.”

“I broke up with my ex because I knew deep in my gut there was no future for us. He’s not letting it go, though. He swears he can change and we can make it work. I don’t really buy it, so I don’t know why I keep going back to him. What’s wrong with me?”

We lose battles against ourselves on a daily basis, some of them with quite significant long-term repercussions. Sure, we win some victories, but when we get tired, the enemy creeps up on us again. The cycle is exhausting and endless.

Why can’t we help ourselves even when we know better?

Hi! I’m Dr. Ellie Katz, a therapist specializing in addictions, compulsions, and irresistible urges.

While much of my work takes place at a rehab facility, where I focus on extreme cases of self-destruction, I believe that this pattern is widespread even among “regular people.”

Think about it

If you could actually live up to your better instincts

  • How much happier or more successful would you be?
  • What promotions would you have gotten at work?
  • How much closer would you be with your loved ones?
  • At the very least, how much easier would it be to go shopping for bathing suits?

I’ve studied this problem for over 40 years, including fighting my own personal battle with overeating. I’ve treated thousands of patients and written several books on my experiences and notions of health and wellbeing.

I am a firm believer that change is possible.

This isn’t a matter of foolish optimism. I hope I’ve shown that I’m well aware of how often we all try and fail; trust me, I know how discouraging that can be. But I also know that trying to wrong approach will never get you where you want to go. When you finally adopt the right approach, it will all be worth it.

Just imagine how great it would feel to become the best version of yourself, the person you’ve always felt you were meant to be.

I am confident that self is within your reach. If you’re willing to go along with me on this, I’d like to help you learn how to finally start winning against the trickster running amok between your ears.

Right now, you’re caught in a mysterious trap. You can’t understand why your own impulses undermine you so badly. You can’t understand why it’s so hard to do better, even when you want to.

The New Habits, New You Workbook is designed to help you finally get some insight into the problem and the tools to bring your change to fruition.

First, I’ll guide you through the process of examining your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so you can actually understand why you do the things you do. Your behavior isn’t as inexplicable as it seems, and we can figure it out together.

Then, I’ll help you develop solutions that actually account for these root causes. These will be tailored for you and your needs.

I’ll even guide you through the serious project of putting them into practice.